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Art'gora Athens 5 to 15 May
Every evening 11:00 pm until sunrise

What is it ?

It is 10 nights in a public space of meeting with artistic ways, made by everybody who want, for everybody who wants. The artistic way  to connect us with each other, with the unknown. 

For that the principe is easy, we take a place and we build things and perform together, it can be a draw, a song, an architecture, a dance, a poem, a thing, a puppet, a show, one game... We  try to imagine something to be together in a different way, we try to go out of the box.  We try.

What for ?

For asking questions. Why we would not do a step aside? Why do we build more walls that bridges? Why do we want something else? What are we waiting for? What is the serious way ? What is the normal way? What is reality ? How do we take a decision

Do you like what you see ?  

For one experimentation. For fun.   To  work together and find new ways to create and reflect, to ask our  views of the world, to meet differently, to enjoy and laugh at life,to create new common colours. Because making links between us make fear go away, because we deserve to ask our reality. 

To have the right to be strictly not sure of what we do. The right to try.

Who can participate ?

Everybody.  All participants are at the same level (horizontal structure) with no notions of superiority or inferiority: It is not about elitism, we wish  to make a space where people can meet and create - everybody can be an  artist! Come with questions, maybe you will not find a answer here, but come with answer and probably you will find more questions here.

How participate ?

Just  come along! In groups or on your own. With ideas or without. With  material or nothing. You put in common idea(s) and material and see what  happens, what emerges.

Where ?

Near of Agora's place, in a public space. The city is full of public spaces and possibilities!
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